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are going to go bankrupt so we need to reform welfare, we need to reform medicare, medicaid, we need to cut spending. and that's why we should start. >> mark, i know that democrats would love to start with the pentagon as far as cutting spending, but what about entitlement reform? do the democrats need to be willing to sit down at the table and talk about some of their sacred cows? >> yeah, democrats are going to have to cut things that are uncomfortable for democrats to cut just like republicans will. >> rick: like what? >> as you mentioned, well, let me first take issue with something that angela said, education, i don't know whether she characterizes that as entitlement. >> no, i don't, okay, well, good, good. >> energy is not entitlement either. >> no, okay. >> and my sister is a teacher as well. >> so we need, okay, we're on board with that then, but i think that, look, you have the pentagon and military spending in this country, in this country is greater than or equal to all other countries in the industrialized world combined and you know, we're giving. >> rick: i know, i know, we k
look at the spending curves of social security and medicare and medicaid and see that they are going towards bankruptcy. social security for example right now congress has for so long been stealing money from the social security fund. we are years away from that flipping so that your taxes to pay social security. >> let me jump in. i understand that argument as well in terms of having the entitlement programs basically bankrupt the system. not saying the gop wants to cut it across the board they want to limit it. talk to the people, though, we start to hear social security going out the window and some of the entitlement programs going by the wayside. makes people nervous. talk to people in terms of understanding not really a way to try to panic but certainly a p compromise. >> i would argue it is time to panic. they need to do something drastic. every moment you wait to do something it will be harder to do something when it comes time to do something. politicians are scared of their own shadows very often which is why we are in the problem we are in. that's why they have to address
: senator graham says age adjustment and means testing for medicare and social security is a reasonable thing. but illinois democratic senator dick durbin doesn't want to touch social security. he thinks the new revenue should come from an increase on the tax rates of top earners, which is currently 35%. >> let the rates go up to 39. let us also take a look at the deductions. let's make sure that revenue is an integral part of deficit reduction. from my side of the table, bring entitlement reform into the conversation. social security, set aside, doesn't add to the deficit. when it comes to medicare and medicaid, protect the integrity of the program, but give it solvency for more and more years. >> reporter: a source with engine of knowledge -- with knowledge of the negotiation says there is no date set in stone for the next meeting among the principle negotiate othe timing will depend on the progress of staff member, in the next few days. but we should not be surprised if they get together, sthiem week. shannon. >> shannon: we wish them much luck. thank you. our worst-case scenario, th
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Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5